Residential Office Conversion
We were asked to install office-style trunking in a bedroom for a home-worker. We surface mounted all the fittings, meaning the installation can be removed simply should the room be turned back into a bedroom in the future. We also extended both the CAT5 (internet) and telephone wiring to the new location from the other side of the house, replacing a previously unsightly arrangement tacked along the skirting boards.
Museum Workshop installation
Our client has an interest in vintage electrical clocks, several examples displayed in an outbuilding that were powered from a single socket running on a sub-main from his house. After testing and inspecting the existing installation, we recommended a secondary consumer unit at the workshop end with dedicated sockets for the exhibits. We also added a smoke alarm circuit for added piece-of-mind.
Patio Lights installation
Working closely with the award-winning Thistlefield Plants & Design, here we ran steel-wire armoured cable to nine low-voltage lighting points set into a new patio. As there is no off-the-shelf fittings to install these, we developed a bespoke solution that is both permanent yet allows easy access to the lamps for ease of maintenance.

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